Our goals:

  • Family institution crisis coverage

  • Propaganda of patriarchy family as the only possible type of the family

  • Propaganda of traditional roles of men and women in the society

  • Proving feminism to be dangerous and destructive ideology

  • Describing current social, psychological, and family problems through the relations of the sexes

  • Discussing and developing the antidiscrimination legislative acts, developing the amendments to the Family Code of the Russian Federation

Men’s discrimination


Article 2

Man, his rights and freedoms are the supreme value. The recognition, observance and protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen are duties of the State.

Article 6

2. Every citizen of the Russian Federation shall enjoy in its territory all the rights and freedoms and bear equal duties provided for by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Article 19

1.All people shall be equal before the law and courts.

2. The State shall guarantee the equality of rights and freedoms of man
and citizen,
regardless of sex

3. Men and women shall enjoy equal rights and freedoms and have equal possibilities to exercise them.

Article 20

1. Everyone shall have the right to life.




Men are obliged to do their military service in peacetime, and put their lives on the line in the war. Men are actually deprived of right to life; their civil rights are being suppressed, as they are forced to serve in the army for a certain period of time with no reimbursement and against their will. Men’s civil right suppression is based upon sex and age only not the court decision. If a man refuses to do his military service, he could be sentences to prison.

Women bear no duties; during the war time have the right to seek for protection. The civil rights could not be suppressed except for the court decision.

Retirement age for men is 60 years. After retirement an average man lives less than 1-2 years. Practically men are deprived of their right to retirement.

Retirementage for womenis 55 yearsAfter retirement an average woman lives for approximately 20 years.

Men legally have the right to gain the custody of the
children upon divorce. Practically, in 98% cases courts grant the mother custody of the child.

Courts grant the mother custody of the child, with rare exceptions.

A man could be brought before trial for not paying the alimony* to his ex-family.

A woman has no liabilities to her ex-husband

Men has no right to control the alimony spending (the alimony is spent on the his children, not his wife)

Woman has the right to demand alimony by a court action and spend the money as she likes

Men have no reproductive rights (wishful fatherhood)

Women have reproductive rights (wishful

Man has no rights to decide on weather to do the abortion or not if his spouse/girlfriend got pregnant

Woman has the right to decide on weather to do the abortion or not, not taking into consideration her husband’s opinion.